It’s kind of funny, actually. I’m early to EVERYTHING. Last week I was almost two hours early to a meeting. Last night, an hour early. The traffic was horrible and I wanted to make sure to have enough time. Because I would rather be early than late. Yes, I’m THAT girl.

But when it comes to my blog, I’m perpetually late. What’s up with that?

Monday Randomness…

I need a Wifi Hotspot device through Verizon Wireless. Any suggestions? Reviews? Thoughts? Hates? Loves?

There has been some crazy weather here in Colorado for about the past week. I was fortunate enough to miss some of it while I was in Florida, but now I’m enjoying the rain. The lightning, however, is most awesome. I love love LOVE lightning pictures! Last night the sky was LIT up crazy like, it looked like God was taking a picture with flash! I wanted to go on the roof to take photos, but that idea was shot down because of safety. Awww that’s no fun right? Think about how awesome a long exposure photo would be with the lightning swirling around like that! And the odds of being struck are like what, nothing? It would be fun. :) Shots like this one!

purple lightning strike
Image from . Yes, I just said pimper. Cue the Coolio music.

We’re camping this weekend and the weather will be awesome! I just need to go shopping for my air mattress, which has been a hot topic of discussion around our home. Tom says I don’t NEED one, I would disagree. So I think that I will end up sleeping on the air mattress alone, while the guys sleep on the ground. I would put money on the fact that Frankie will probably climb up with me. She knows comfort. Why sleep on the ground when you don’t have to, right?

The wedding in Florida turned out to be gorgeous! I’m so pleased with the photos, and as soon as the paperwork is squared away, I will start posting them. Because of the amount of pictures, there will probably be two blog posts. Actually, the firedancers could probably be their own post. Yes, I said it – firedancers. VERY cool!

I will be trying on my wedding gown tonight, it came in – yay! I’m also having a hard time choosing bridesmaids dresses. I really don’t have my heart set on any one dress, because the dress that I liked made my best friend look like a hooker. (Sorry Ryan!) One bridesmaid is 5″ tall, another is 6″ tall. I have to find a happy  medium with the length, because anything that is normal length for most people is SUPER short for my maid of honor. These outings are always a ton of fun though… last time we got a thank you note from the store because we were so much fun. We were all parading around the store with veils and tiaras on, super loud and obnoxious and funny. Because that’s us! Hooray for fun friends. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone. I apologize that this is a day late. I’m hoping to be able to post some wedding pictures tomorrow!