Happy Monday, internet!

This weekend was awesome, minus the storm that came in last night. What’s up with that? It’s March. I realize it’s not spring yet, but it’s darn close. How about some awesome weather? Soon enough, I suppose.

Tom bought a new game, SceneIt Disney’s Magical Moments. Kinda cool, because Kaden can play. They have questions specifically for kids. Although when we played, there was a question that pertained to Miley Cyrus. First of all, ew. But second of all, Kaden doesn’t know her real name. He knows her as Hannah Montana. So when the question came up and I was trying to give him hints without giving it away, it was hard to come up with a hint. I mean, what do you say, rhymes with Schwiley? So check this out – and be jealous – I totally busted out “Life’s What You Make It.” That’s right, I sang a Miley Cyrus song, on the spot, no question, no second guessing the lyrics. Oh yeah, awesome. There is no charge for awesomeness! (LOVE that movie…) Well on second thought, I don’t know if that’s awesome or really sad. I prefer the former, we’ll go with that.

I really hate it when the electronic key for my car doesn’t work, and I try opening the car door and it is still locked and so my arm flings back and I look like a dork. That’s all I have to say about that.

My photos were recently printed in 303 Magazine, and I’m soooooooooooo excited to share! I called Whole Foods yesterday to try to get copies but they hadn’t arrived yet, so as soon as I can get a copy I will show you all!

I recently joined The B School. I’m REALLY loving this community. If you’re a fellow photographer, check it out. There are a ton of features, although the only ones I’ve really used so far are the friends and the forums. The forums alone are worth the cost, there is a TON of awesome information on there.

I say awesome a lot. I’m telling you, these random Monday posts are very informative when it comes to learning things about myself.

I ate lunch at Pappadeaux’s yesterday. Not only was it a celebration of my mom’s and future sister-in-law’s birthdays, but it’s a Cajun restaurant, and Fat Tuesday is tomorrow. It was SUPER festive, and the food is fabulous.

I’m looking forward to things coming up this week, more to come later. In the meantime, have an awesome (sorry, one more time) week!