Denver Couples Photography – Featured on Aysha Nicole!

I am so thrilled to be featured with an interview on Aysha Nicole’s blog!

Let me first say that there are some photos there that haven’t been released on my blog yet… but they had to be used because I love them! I am so happy to work with other photographers, and honored to be a part of her feature series!

Several people have mentioned this last paragraph to me. It is near and dear to my heart, and words that I probably don’t express often enough – WHY I do what I do!

I want women to say that I changed their lives, and reminded them that they are not only wives and mothers, but women, and beautiful women! I want couples to say that when they were going through some hard times, as every couple does eventually, that they saw my photo above the fireplace and were reminded that their love is important, and valuable. I want to be responsible for reminding people of the things that are most important in their lives.

To read the full feature, click here, or the image below!