I have a confession. I’m dragging my feet on centerpieces. My mother is calling me and driving me crazy… but she’s right, they need to be decided on. I just don’t KNOW what I want to do! *sigh* I was going to do a post on centerpieces today but that’s how crazy they’re making me – I don’t wanna. Picture me stomping my foot and yelling “but I don’t wanna!” ;)

So instead I thought I would move to another subject that I’m stuck on – hair. Brides, what helps you decide on a hairdo? The weather? The products? Traditions? Because seriously, I’m stuck. I made an inspiration board (hey look at me being all inspiration-ish and stuff!) with some hairstyles that I like, things that I’m looking at. Check it out!

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I don’t know why I number my inspiration boards. I like it. It gives me some structure, somewhere to go. I feel like I can say and #2 blah blah blah… instead of upper right. Numbers are awesome. That’s what I keep telling Kaden at least… who is stellar at math, so we’re going there, oh YES, we’re going there! ;)

SO let’s go with the numbers, shall we?

  1. I love the style of this do. I love that it’s up, but is still casual, without being pulled so tight you look like you’ve had a bad facelift. I like that it’s a little messy and fun, so that if it messes up as the night wears on, it won’t LOOK messed up, ya know?
  2. But then there’s hair down. I’m all about knowing my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to photos and my looks – and my hair rocks. I take care of it, so why not show it off, right? But the problem is, my hair is STRAIGHT. So even if I could get it to look this good – correction – if my hair stylist could get it to look this good – it won’t last. I’m thinking it will fall out and then look horrible! So then can I do down to begin with, and pin it up? I don’t know.
  3. Again, kind of a tousled, casual, updo. I love the feathery flower in this one too!
  4. This is different and I love it! Elegant and stylish, and just beautiful. But again, will the curls stay for THAT long, taking photos for hours, dancing, and everything else? I’m not so sure.
  5. I like this hairstyle but what I really love about this one is the headband. It really makes the do!
  6. More of that casual updo. Although I don’t care for the veil on top. Although I don’t know LoL!
  7. This is definitely one of my favorites. Relaxed, casual, and beautiful. But the question is, will this really fit my wedding, that is becoming a little bigger and more fancy by the minute?
  8. Another hairstyle that’s down, but the veil on top again. Hmm…

How does one choose?!

By the way, these photos were saved long before I had the time draining account on Pinterest, so unfortunately I don’t know where they’re from. Except for #1, because of the awesome watermark!

I think that no matter what hairstyle a bride chooses, it’s important to keep certain things handy to touch it up. And I KNOW I will be asking my maid of honor to help me out with fixes here and there. She’s picky about photos like I am, so she gets it. If one hair looks funky, it will bother me! OCD? No. Type A? Sure. ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone. If you find any super cool hairstyles let me know.