Re-Engaged Denver Couples Photography – Date Night Packages!

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited for this to be posted. I know I usually don’t post stuff like this on a Monday, but I couldn’t wait. ;)

Before reading this, if you haven’t heard about the new session that I have available specific to couples, you’ll want to go HERE to check it out.

If you have seen the information for the Re-Engaged sessions I have something that is tied directly to that genre that I’m super excited about!

I told my husband when we first started dating that it was REALLY important to me to keep dating, even if we are 60 and married for 30 years. I believe so strongly in that connection, and if you aren’t spending any time together, all of your conversations turn into everyday, mundane things. It is important to keep that spark alive! Well, fast forward two years, and date nights usually become a conversation that goes something like this:

Brooke: Did you plan a date night this month?
Tom: How about dinner and a movie, what do you want to see?
Brooke: I want to do something new.
Tom: Then I don’t know what to do.
Brooke: Well what do you want to do?
Tom: Dinner and a movie.
Brooke: *sigh*

Does this sound familiar? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas, especially for those evenings that you’re celebrating a special occasion! He wanted to go see a Will Ferrell movie for our anniversary. *sigh* “It would be appropriate because this year is an election year, and would spark some very interesting conversation between us. Now that’s romantic.” Sure honey, Will Ferrell just SCREAMS romance!

When Tom and I started discussing Re-Engaged, I wanted to offer an option to the guys. Something special that they could get for the women they love, without having to do a lot of planning. Tom was VERY specific in the requirements: It had to be something the ladies would love, that wouldn’t require a lot of work from the guys, something that they could initiate and have taken care of for them.

Enter, the Date Night Package!

This package is available for birthdays, anniversaries, really any time that you want to do something special. It is an opportunity to reconnect, acquire a beautiful piece of art for your home, and have an amazing evening, complete with dinner. I am SO thrilled to have partnered with the gorgeous and talented Alexa, of Alexa’s Supper Club to make a meal for my couples, and all of this will be taken care of for you. Let me repeat this: YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO. COOK. I’m sure I have the ladies’ attention now, so let me speak to the guys for a second: YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO. PLAN. ANYTHING. AND. SHE. WILL. BE. THRILLED. I think I got both genders there. ;)

Basically this is an time with a photoshoot on location – it can be a park, your home, or a location that is important to you. Your first date, where he proposed, the place where you knew she was the one… there are so many options! And again, don’t worry… I will work with you to figure out just the spot. While we shoot, your meal will be set up so that when we are done you can relax and share that time as well. After the evening is done, about two weeks later, you will have the opportunity to view your photos in a reveal. She gets to see the photos and live that evening all over again. It’s a win win and will be an amazing experience for her!

SO many women have told me that they haven’t had their photos done with the man they love since their wedding. Wh-wh-what!? YOU are important, the two of you. Your connection is the foundation for your family. Reconnect, have some fun, and gain a beautiful piece of artwork to display in your home.

I have one note of caution for the guys out there: You may think that it’s a great idea to surprise her with this. I definitely agree it’s an amazing surprise, but a note of advice – NEVER surprise a woman with photos without telling her she is getting her picture taken. She wants to look fantastic, and will want to spend some extra time to make sure she does! ;)

Don’t forget the HINT feature that I’ve included in my website now! If this is something that you would love to do and would like me to send the information to your loved one, you can send a hint here! 

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Call me or email me at to book your package today. The weather is changing and soon we will lose some outdoor locations because of the chill factor! Holiday delivery will require sessions in the next six weeks, sessions are filling quickly. Not sure what to get for her for the upcoming holidays? She will LOVE the chance to spend some time with you and get some photos of the two of you!