WINNER WINNER – Colorado Firefighter Calendar Winners

I’m SO thrilled to be a sponsor for the Colorado firefighter calendar this year, and with that comes giveaways. And FUN!

For anyone that hasn’t seen the calendar before, it is a series of events, and the final calendar that benefits the Children’s Hospital burn unit. It is seriously an amazing cause, and worth getting OUT of the house on Saturday night to celebrate!

If you still don’t have your ticket, click here to get your ticket for the tryouts Saturday night – it will be a TON of fun. And if you decide to go, come over and say hi! We will be the obnoxious group of ladies in the VIP seats, having a ball!

I wanted to share the winners on the blog to get the link in for the tickets, so if you didn’t win and you still want to go, check out the link above.

Without further adieu, I present to you the winners from the two giveaways! Winners were entered into a spreadsheet list for numbering, and a random number generator was used, thank you Google!

The winner of the past client giveaway with her gorgeous blossoms photo is Amanda Maughmer!

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The winner of the single mom giveaway is MacKenzie Kembel!

Thank you so much for entering ladies, I’m so excited for this event. Please email me at for details for tomorrow!

Have an amazing weekend!


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