Hey there Tom!

I’m sure you’re wondering why you’ve received this email. Well, someone that you care about wanted me to send you a hint! Brooke wanted you to know what she REALLY wants.

She has visited my website and wants a special photo session with you. A time together to have fun, relax, and have some amazing pictures taken! Brooke Summer Photography has a new session called RE-engaged. It’s not an engagement session, and has nothing to do with weddings. This isn’t about your age or whether you think you’re photogenic or not. It’s about a story – YOUR story. It’s about couples, the connection that you share, and the love that you have built a life with.

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Sounds cheesey? To a guy, it might be. Sometimes we women are a little more sentimental than most guys. Sometimes the guys surprise us though! That is what she is hoping for from you. She wants that time with you. She wants the photos to remember the time. She wants to look at the photos and remember that feeling, that stirring in her heart that she feels for you. If you have children, these are pictures that your children will cherish later in their lives, and they might even be passed down to grandchildren.

The beautiful woman in your life knows all of this and would like you to schedule a photo session for just the two of you. There are several options but the nice part is, all of the work is taken care of. You schedule the session, we handle the rest, and you get the awesome brownie points.

Contact me and we will work out the details. You will get a beautifully wrapped box with the information inside to give to her, because sometimes it’s just nice to have something to unwrap, right? Yes, that’s right… I even do the gift wrapping for you. Easy and effortless, and it will make her happy.

We will talk soon, I look forward to working with you, and the woman you love!





Brooke Summer

Raves & Testimonials

I’m soooo happy!! My pictures turned out amazing! I never in a million years thought after being a mom for almost 20 years that I could look that fabulous. You are a fantastic photographer. I cannot wait to get my prints/books! I’m seriously thinking about wallpapering at least one room with them!
~Mrs. E Lakewood, CO

I’ve been meaning to email and thank you – I received them last week, and waited until he could come over so he could open them. We both LOVE them. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for an amazing experience; you were wonderful to work with, and set me at my ease, and the whole experience from beginning to end was lovely and fun. Thank you again.
~Mrs. M Denver, CO

He almost cried when he saw the pictures… can’t imagine when the book gets here. Thank you so much. You are the best! I showed a few girlfriends, they were in awe of your work!
~Mrs. L Denver, CO