Hey there, Gorgeous!

Welcome to my little collection of videos – where you will likely see me flub my words and might hear my dogs in the background. But you know what – that’s real life, and we are all just living through some chaos sometimes, right?

I made videos for some of my most popular products so that you can see what they look like, and learn a little bit more about them before choosing your collection so you can grab those pre-payment bonuses.

One thing to note – if you choose a collection for pre-payment, and choose your bonuses, you can always upgrade later. For instance, if you choose Gold and want to upgrade to Platinum at your reveal, we will just apply whatever you have already paid to the total. So don’t feel like this is a decision you’re stuck with!

Check out the videos below, and if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can help you with, please reach out.

Congrats on booking your session, I can’t wait to have you in my studio!

Love & Adventures,

10×14 Album

10×10 Album

8×8 Album

Matching Album Box

Folio Box

Folio Box vs. Album

Viewmaster Peep Show

Acrylic Prints & Blocks

5×7 Metal Bedside Print

2 Image Folio

Cover Materials for Albums & Folio Boxes

Update: UBON in grey is discontinued (mentioned in the video)