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“I am so happy with my experience today! The night before, I felt anxious that I didn’t have everything. I felt as if I was forgetting something. I think finally meeting you and getting an hour to just relax and chat with you helped me relax, a lot. By the time we were done with hair/makeup, I was ready to shoot!! On my way home I felt very sexy and empowered, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those pictures. I couldn’t stop thinking that everyone was looking at me. It was such a great experience. And everyone I have shown my photos to, have said they were stunning. So happy! Don’t wait any longer to do this for yourself—go see Brooke!!”
“I love each and every picture! I am SO HAPPY with everything and I am very grateful to you for making me feel and look so FABULOUS!! Seriously- it brings tears to my eyes that I stepped out of my comfort zone, looked beautiful, took fantastic pictures, and had an awesome, life changing experience. Thank you for helping me have relaxed courage and thanks for your talent to bring out what was already there (just hiding!)”
“I was understandably nervous the night before the session, but also very excited. I had spoken with Brooke through email and she made me feel so comfortable. She was easy to talk to, like talking with an old friend. That definitely helped with the nerves. I was worried about what to wear, but Brooke sent me a ton of information on what to bring and do (and not do-I did have a couple glasses of wine!) I was a little scared at first, I’ve never liked photos taken of me and didn’t know how to pose or where to put what. Brooke instantly put me at ease! As we got into it I felt more and more comfortable. She made me feel gorgeous and it really shows in the photographs. I was extremely happy. The experience was beyond what I expected. I just want to say thank you so much for making me feel beautiful! Every woman no matter her size needs to do this at least once. It was so much fun and the end product is absolutely fantastic. I’m thinking of doing this again next year!”