Good morning everyone!

I’m so sorry that it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, I was out of town. It has been a VERY busy weekend, and I’m happy to be home. No matter how comfy you are when you’re out of town, it’s always nice to sleep in your own bed!

Today’s post is going to be a funny post. And let me warn you ahead of time that there are a few risqué pictures coming up. None of them are bad, definitely PG, and I’ve added the lovely black box over any parts that should be covered, but if you’re easily offended, don’t scroll down. I’ve gone back and forth about whether to pots these photos, only because I know how some people get so upset about things. But the fact is that when I write, I try to be myself. And I think these are funny. And we had one of these happen to us this past weekend at a wedding we did, so it reminded me of these pictures.

Back in January 2009 I wrote a post on my old blog about ruined Kodak moments. They happen, right? And usually, they’re funnier than the regular picture would be. So since my old blog is redirected here and those photos are no longer viewable, I’ve had some requests to put them back up. And who I am to disappoint the fans that want funnies? ;)

Most of these have been collected over the years, sent to me in random emails or found online. I apologize that I don’t have photo credits for them, except for one. If any of them should be credited somewhere, please leave a comment and let me know!

Without further adieu, I give you, ruined Kodak moments.


This first one comes to us from a local bar with a smartass waitress. We’ve all had them, right? This couple just had a little something extra to remember her by.

Waitress ruined kodak moment


Our next photo reminds me of my past few days in FL. Creepy sea animals, barracudas, and pelicans, oh my! This man is clearly proud of his catch, I don’t think his companion is as thrilled. Maybe it’s because he got blood on her shirt from the barracuda.

barracuda ruined kodak moment fish


Umm… awkward. Another proud “catch” – this time on land though. And the dog was MORE than thrilled.

dog ruined kodak moment deer hunting kill


This one is a little creepy. You know how it is ladies… you’re together with your girlfriends, having fun, and want a picture of everyone together, right? Then a creepy guy peeks around the corner to be in the picture. **cue Psycho theme music**

girls ruined kodak moment creepy guy


I don’t know how the heck David Hasselhoff is still a household name. He hasn’t done anything major in such a long time, yet people still refer to “The Hoff.” Maybe this is why he creeps into peoples’ photos – so they keep talking about him!

david hasselhoff the hoff ruined kodak moment creepy


Awww the kids’ first day of school. I take this photo of Kaden every year. Minus the dogs.

ruined kodak moment kids dogs humping first day of school


This last one I had to censor, but I just HAVE to share it. Especially since I shot a beach wedding on Friday. Luckily no one walked behind the wedding, but I can totally see this happening! Such a beautiful moment… and them BAM topless people in your picture. I guess it could have been worse, they could have been completely naked, right?

I wonder if this one made it into the album.

wedding ruined kodak moments ruined wedding pictures


Smile today at someone you don’t know. You never know how it might affect their day. :)