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Well hello there, you beautiful person! Welcome to my little piece of the world wide web. Yes, I have been called the best boudoir photographer in Colorado. I don’t share that with you to brag, but more to let you know where I’m coming from – that I know what I’m doing, have worked with thousands of women all PERSONALLY, and will help you to look amazing in photos! I’m excited to meet you, virtually or in person. Either way – let’s chat!

Why is there another option for the free guide? I actually just talked with my Facebook group about this – because social media is cracking down on boudoir. They have not allowed female body parts for years now, even though the male equivalents are acceptable, and the groups and posts and pages are being targeted even MORE. So how can I share information that includes model calls, promotions, and just all around fun?

With email! I promise, I won’t spam you. I email my tribe about 3-4 times a month, with valuable content and help, as well as fun stuff coming up. Enter your information to download my free guide on how to look amazing in photos. These are some amazing little tips and tricks so that you can look and feel amazing in ANY photo!