A few things.

1. If you haven’t seen Awkward Family Photos you have to check it out. As in, stop what you’re doing and go look. It’s hilarious and cracks me up.

2. Remember the post about What to Wear for Engagement Photos? I gave the Cliffs’ notes version in the post, the actual tips are much longer, and they’re something I give to my clients when we meet. And on that sheet, it references the floating heads because of black outfits and a black background.

Which brings me to…

3. When you add 1 and 2, you come up with this:

black outfits black background, what not to wear for photo shoot

Awesome right? I don’t usually shoot engagement sessions in studio so that’s not really an issue, but still. Black outfits + black background = floating heads. Check out the post of what to wear for your engagement shoot, and it will help you decide what to wear! Most of all, be you!

I hope this adds a little laughter to your morning. And just in case you might feel bad about laughing at the picture, this might help you feel better. These photos are usually submitted by someone IN the actual photo, because they look back on it and say “what the heck were we doing?!” Some of the pictures are really funny. I know that I have some of my family like that! The ones that require a long story to explain them, and if you don’t get to tell the story, anyone looking at the photo would think you’re all nuts. Maybe we’ll have to do a contest on here or something… Hmm… :)

Happy Thursday, smile today!