Best Colorado Boudoir Photographer – Brooke Summer

Yes, that is me, I have been unofficially named the Best Colorado Boudoir Photographer, by my clients, by fellow photographers, and even by Denver’s Channel 7 A-List.

Yes, I have had boudoir photos done. Yes, I walk the walk.

And yes, I was outdoors. In very little clothing. And it was amazing! You can read more about that here.

I feel so silly even putting this on my website, but the powers that be say it should be added. You know, the gurus that know all things website and stuff? So here it is. Yes, I have been called the best Colorado boudoir photographer. Several times over. If you’d like to read more about me, click here to get some more details.

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I believe that boudoir is for EVERY woman – and that the best Colorado boudoir photographer should be able to confidently work with women from all backgrounds, all shapes, sizes, and all ages, 18+! I have worked with hundreds of women in my Denver boudoir studio, to create works of art that they are proud of. Yes, they go on the walls. They don’t HAVE to – but why not show off your gorgeousness?

While I retouch every photo that is taken, I also show photos while I’m shooting – because I am confident in the posing, lighting, and other elements to make you look amazing. Why does that matter? Because it’s not about “fixing” you at all – it’s about highlight the things you want to show off, and shadowing the things that you may not want a focus on.

I have worked with women in all walks of life to create photos for them: Denver Colorado plus size boudoir, Denver Colorado mature woman boudoir, Denver Colorado boudoir for moms, Denver Colorado boudoir for disabled women and I have even had clients that have always been made fun of for being TOO SKINNY.

It really seems like we just can’t win sometimes, right ladies?

BOTTOM LINE: I want to show you the best version of yourself, the gorgeous woman that you are underneath all of the layers and hats that you wear daily. Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, we are constantly taking care of other people – so when do you get to take care of yourself?

As the Best Colorado Boudoir Photographer, I want to work with you to have a day of pampering. A day to you, without someone tugging on your shirt with sticky hands. Without someone calling you again because they need something. Without someone forgetting to put away the milk for the millionth time so you have to pour nasty milk down the drain in the kitchen.


Don’t worry, those things will still be there when you get home – but you will get to go home knowing that you can handle it because you are strong and smart and gorgeous!

I take my unofficial “title” as best Colorado boudoir photographer very seriously, and want to make sure that every part of your boudoir experience is amazing.