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Hey hey there, party people!❤️

I’m so excited to be doing so many things coming up, and I wanted to create a central place to share them all, especially travel dates!

Check out the information below to find out about exciting happenings at Brooke Summer Photography!


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It is no secret that I love love love to travel. I have SO many exciting things coming up, here are the upcoming travel dates! If you are in one of the areas that I am traveling to and would like to book a session, contact me so that we can chat and get you ready. I promise you, your future self will not regret it, you will feel amazing!

2017 Travel Dates:

January 13-16 – Laguna Beach, CA

I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali! If you have always wanted a session with me but live in California, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Destination boudoir photography doesn’t have to be on a beach, butto see the blog post with some beach images, click here! Let’s shoot on the beach, or even if you don’t want to strip on the beach, let’s make your session happen!

September 2017


2016 Travel Dates: (PAST)

August 5-7 – Philadelphia, PA

I am excited to be spending a weekend in the city of brotherly love! I’m planning on tasting all of the yummy deliciousness and working with some amazing women while I’m there!

September 17-21 – New Orleans, LA

I have never been to New Orleans before, and I’m SO excited to be coaching and teaching at LightPro – a phenomenal workshop for photographers! I can’t wait to have some beignets and yummies, and work with photographers to help grow their businesses. If you’re interested in a session, I would love to shoot while I’m there!

October 8-12 – Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

I fully plan on a night out with whiskey and Scottish drinking songs, even though I don’t know any of the words. I suppose I should learn something before I go! ;) If you are interested in shooting in the Scottish countryside, or at one of the unbelievably awesome castles there, let me know, let’s do it!

October 12-18 – Iceland

Truly a dream come true. We will be exploring the entire island, including all of the major sites, and just basically taking in all of God’s amazing landscapes in Iceland! That could include YOU, in front of my lens – how amazing would a boudoir session be in front of one of the famous waterfalls? Contact me, let’s shoot, it will be EPIC. And I don’t use that word often or lightly!


I fully expect to add more to this page in the future, but right now my family, my clients, and my travel is my focus, so there you have it. I am excited to be doing more and more destination boudoir photography, and I can’t wait to work with you in one of several amazing locations. The world is truly gorgeous, and so are you – let’s pair the two, am I right? ;)

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Brooke Summer Photography

Colorado’s TOP Boudoir Photographer

Yesssss… I’m so excited!

This is a VERY limited quantity, 2 day offer for International Women’s Day. YES, I know it was last month – but I was out for the month sick, so we are celebrating a month late!

Because what better day to celebrate the ladies, than to offer a life-changing boudoir experience at a VERY special price, right?


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Well hey there, gorgeous!

My primary mission in what I do is to be that little NUDGE in your brain that reminds you of how powerful you truly are. I want to remind you of that beautiful woman that has always been inside, but sometimes gets lost in the everyday activities. I want to help you see yourself differently, and start to move forward in a journey of self love and acceptance.

No, you don’t need to lose weight.

No, you don’t need to wait for something to be “perfect.”

You are gorgeous right now, just as you are. Let me show you!

I have been specializing in boudoir for 14 years now – yep, I’m one of the OG’s. I have worked with thousands of women to customize a boudoir experience that left them feeling amazing, and I want to work with you too.


I walk you through EVERYTHING. Every question you have – no matter how embarrassing – I’m here to answer you. Concerns, nerves, all of it – I can promise you, you’re not alone, and I’m happy to walk you through absolutely everything.

I want you to be 100% prepared for your experience and your session, so when you come in, you are comfortable and excited.


  • Pre-session consultation
  • Pre-payment collection options with additional bonuses available, including BDSM set, shower set, and MORE
  • Day of experience styling, drinks, snacks and pampering
  • Accessories, jewelry, props and FUN
  • Expansive shoe collection
  • Up to 3 outfits
  • Access to our incredible client wardrobe, sizes XS-5X
  • Posing for every body type from head to toe
  • Professional makeover with hair and makeup and lashes if you choose (additional cost, $175 paid directly to your stylist)
  • Image reveal & ordering appointment
  • LIFE CHANGING CONFIDENCE – I don’t say that flippantly!

What is the cost?

The complete boudoir experience is usually $350, with hair and makeup available for an additional $175 – a total of $525.

Through April 7, 2023 at 8pm mountain time – you can save BIG time and confirm your session for $99, or couples for $149.

All images are purchased separately and are not included in the $99 session fee. We offer five different collections, as well as products available A La Carte, allowing you to fully customize your experience and finished products to fit what you love and want.

Pricing begins at $1900 with various options available, and interest free payment plans are available to help your boudoir experience fit into your budget.

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ALL the Details!

Here’s the deal:

The session fee must be paid up front to confirm your date and your session. It is usually $350 with $175 for hair and makeup, through April 7, 2023 it is available for $99. Use the button below to book, and use the code AMAZINGWOMEN which will take $251 off of that cost. Keep reading for couples details.


If you need to reschedule, it may be rescheduled until August 31, 2023, with an additional fee based on the timing of the written request to reschedule. (usually email)

Availability & Scheduling:

This offer is only available for sessions May 2023 through August 2023. If you confirm a session beyond August 2023, you will be contacted to reschedule your session for a $100 fee. Basically – follow the rules and don’t book past August 2023, or it will be an additional $100. ;)

Sessions Available:

This offer is only available for standard sessions, in studio. Not valid for outdoor sessions, or any other limited edition or special offers. This offer is only for new sessions that are not currently booked.

New for 2023:

VALID FOR COUPLES BOUDOIR! If you would like to confirm a couples session, please use THIS LINK with the code AMAZINGWOMEN as there is an additional $50 cost, so the total session fee will be $149, instead of $400. If you don’t use the couples specific link, an invoice will be emailed for the additional $50.

All Products Purchased Separately:

Images & products – including digital images – are NOT included with this offer. Products begin at $1900 and Collections begin at $2800.

Pre-Session Payment Plans:

Pre-session payment plans are mandatory for this offer, and will be set up via phone consultation by April 30, 2023. Please review the pricing information and have your collection selected before that call.

Offer Redemption:

The pre-session consultation MUST be completed by April 30, 2023 – failure to complete this consultation will result in forfeiture of the $99 session fee. The session fee & offer may be redeemed until August 31, 2023. No refunds, transfers, or credits will be issued.

Use the code AMAZINGWOMEN to get $251 off of the session fee – making your session fee only $99!

Got questions?

All of your images are 100% private unless you choose to share them in writing.

You can read the full privacy policy for all of my clients here.

Absolutely! My clients LOVE the interest free payment plans that are available before their sessions. They’re flexible and easy, and will help to break up the investment that might have been a shock when looking at pricing. Plus, there are bonuses involved too!

That is entirely up to you. Most of my clients love the chance to shop around and find some fun things, so they come in a few outfits to choose from. PLUS they go through the client closet with me, as we choose some looks that will look gorgeous. Sheets and nudes are also an amazing option, even if you think that sounds a little scary. I promise, they are often the favorites!

All of my clients receive a full length welcome packet that includes 54 pages of images, help, suggestions and more when their session is confirmed!

Ummm hell yes. Not only can you get the special, but you can also use your $200 return client credit towards your final purchase, because I love you. ;)

Not a problem at all – email me at and I’m happy to help!

You’ll want to book your session HERE at the standard pricing. This special is not available beyond August, 2023.

Brand new for 2023: YES you can use this special towards a couples session! To book a couples boudoir session, use THIS LINK and the code AMAZINGWOMEN , and your session fee will be $149 total, regular price $400.

Use the code AMAZINGWOMEN to get $251 off of the session fee – making your session fee only $99!

Still on the fence?

I know it can seem scary. If you want to read more about the women I’ve worked with in THEIR words, click here to read reviews.

Then come back and book your session and take advantage of this limited offer. I promise, you won’t regret it.