Back to the grind right? And a five day week instead of last week’s shortened, holiday work week. Bummer. But awesome at the same time, March starts tomorrow!

That means that today is the last day of February. And my unofficial goal of blogging every day for a month. I almost did it entirely. I missed two days, although both were Saturdays, so I will cut myself some slack. Wow that feels weird saying that. I’m too damn hard on myself. I need to embrace my One Little Word for 2011 – Confidence. And in doing so, give myself a break! So, even though I missed two Saturdays, I’m super proud of the fact that I have blogged 26 out of 28 days in the month of February! I’m happy that it’s becoming a habit, and it will be a habit that I will definitely continue! I really do enjoy writing, it helps to clear my head sometimes. No lies though… sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to write. But I’m doing it, moving forward, and happy that blogging is more regular now. :)

So that being said, welcome to another edition of Manic Monday! Random thoughts, catching up on the weekend, and things to come.

My first thought is not really random, but something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I will probably post it on Wednesday – goals. GULP. I’m not very good at setting goals, so this is a HUGE step for me. So wish me luck, and cross your fingers and all that jazz, because it really makes me nervous. Not just to set goals, but to put them out there for everyone to see – scary!

This weekend was really nice. With the new year, as part of my move towards Confidence, I have become even MORE deliberate with my time. I have always been careful, but I have decided to really structure my time to make sure that all bases are covered. And there are a TON of bases – FAMILY first, friends, business, wedding, music, work – and more and more and more. The list never ends right? But I’ve been more careful with my weekends. More conscious of the time that I spend with the people I love. And I’ve never been happier. :)

Tomorrow I will be posting some of the pictures from the CRAVE Party that I photographed on Thursday! I’m super excited to share them with everyone, the party was awesome!

I say super excited a lot, don’t I? I really do get excited though. Like squealing, hands flailing, jumping up and down excited. Yes, I know I’m a dork. I’m okay with that, I embrace it. ;)

I also use smilies a lot. Hmmm this post is full of self discovery. They’re just too much fun to not use! :D

O. M. G. guess what. I got a direct message on Twitter from the Boudoir Divas. They are one of my many girl crushes. Is it possible to have a crush on a duo instead of one person? I was SO excited to get a direct message. I realize they probably don’t know who I am but still, A. Direct. Message. How flippin’ cool is that?! I get butterflies in my stomach whenever something like that happens. Like the time that Jasmine Star responded to my email. Ummm WOW. I had to pick myself up off the floor. Maybe I need a whole post for girl crushes. Nothing crazy here people, just amazing women that I admire. Is the male equivalent a bro-mance? Hmmm things to think about.

I will end this series of ramblings with a photo of my valentines from my two favorite guys. Tom got me red roses, but the super cool part of that was the vase! Red with BLING on the top – that is so ME! He did good. :) Kaden picked out a heart coffee cup with a cute puppy in it. He said the puppy was for me to cuddle with, and the cup was to have my coffee in. He was thrilled when I actually drank coffee out of the cup. I could tell he was super proud of himself. What an awesome feeling, to pick out a gift for someone you love, and watch them love it and use it!

Happy Monday internet! Make it awesome. :)