Colorado Wedding Photographer Wedding FAQ

Will there be two photographers covering my wedding day?

Absolutely! All of our Colorado wedding photography packages include myself and my husband Tom, and depending on the size of your wedding, a third photographer is sometimes added. There are so many things happening on a wedding day, having two Denver wedding photographers ensures that we are there for all of the big moments, and the little ones that often mean the most.

Why would I choose you?

When you’re selecting your Colorado wedding photographer, you are making the selection for so much more than just your photos. You are choosing the person that will be with you and your fiance, your family, and all of your guests – ALL DAY long. You want to make sure to select someone that you enjoy being with, and get along with. Personality is huge and can set the tone for your wedding party, and your wedding day. It can ultimately impact the resulting photos and your memories of the day. You will be working with your wedding photographer for several months, up to a year or longer, make sure to hire someone that is professional and you enjoy working with, someone who cares about your day. While you’re enjoying your first dance with your new husband or wife, I will be behind the camera, catching that tear rolling down your face. The real moments, the ones that matter. Chances are, I will have a tear in my eye too, because being there for my couples means so much to me, and I’m so happy for them. That first dance always gets me!

I’m on a budget, will you work with me?

Budgeting for a wedding is an overwhelming aspect of planning. Price is definitely a factor, although I will tell you that I hear horror stories from brides who decide to hire a photographer based entirely on price. When everything is said and done – the cake is eaten, the booze is consumed, the tablecloths are messy – what are you going to have to remember your day? Photos where you can barely see faces, out of focus, snapshots from guests’ phones? Or pieces of art that you’re proud to display on your walls? Your Colorado wedding photographer should be a professional and provide you with creative, exceptional art. I have worked with several couples in budgeting for this most important piece of their wedding, and am happy to work with you as well.

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