Edited 04/22/11 – The list has been condensed after some feedback from others. To see my full list, contact me for an engagement session and we’ll talk about how to make it awesome!

I’ve had quite a few of these questions lately, so I decided to put together a list! This is the list that I send to my brides so that they have a little bit of an idea of what to expect when it comes to their engagement session. A lot of these tips will also work for general portrait sessions, especially when it comes to the clothes, locations, and stuff like that. But for today’s Wedding Wednesday, I thought I would share the list with you!

On that note, brides and grooms, I’m still booking for 2011! It seems that I’m getting a ton of inquiries for the same dates, and unfortunately those are booked – but there are still several open, so contact me and we’ll talk.

Here are Brooke’s 10 Tips for Awesome Engagement Photos!

  1. The number one question that I get when it comes to engagement sessions is “What do I wear?” So, what do you wear? I suggest two outfits – yes, you can change. Usually it’s best to have one that’s a little more dressy, and one that’s more casual and relaxed. But above all, make sure that you are yourself!
  2. Sometimes the best photos are taken in locations that aren’t easy to get to. Be ready to climb, walk, lie down, and laugh! Dress comfortably!
  3. Hair and makeup! I love me some glitter. And shiny stuff. All those crazy, fun, girly things! But the fact is that they just don’t photograph well. Matte makeup is best.
  4. Location, location, location! A lot of people stress over this detail. Location is important, there’s no getting around that. But if you are stuck on where to take your photos, don’t stress! Think about what you want in your photos.
  5. Along with the location, think about the overall “feel” of the shoot. Is there a theme you’d like to portray?
  6. Be flexible!
  7. Time of day and lighting! I will do my best to accommodate your schedule, but keep in mind that with professional photography, lighting is everything!
  8. RELAX!!! Stress will show in your photos. Eat first. Have a jacket. Be comfortable.
  9. Don’t be shy! I know this one is hard for some people. But the more you let your guard down, the better chance you will have of getting the photos that you want!
  10. Talk to me! Communication is SO important!

Focus on each other, and have FUN! This is such a happy time in your life, embrace it and revel in it! And your photos will reflect that for sure!

Happy Wedding Wednesday to everyone!