Denver Boudoir Photos – You are VALUABLE!

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

I hear a lot of stories, which is a huge part of my job that I really, really love. When I am working with a client to get some great Denver boudoir photos, details about her life tend to come to surface. Past experiences, relationships, current situations, dreams, hopes, and more. It even happens with couples – we all have struggles, and I love learning more about my clients!

A recent client shared with me some personal details regarding some hurtful things her husband said to her, and it really, really struck me.

You see, I’ve been there. I have been with a man who tore me down at every turn. He looked for any opportunity to hurt me, and would say things to intentionally hurt me, because he knew my vulnerabilities and insecurities.

We all have them.

Things that bother us about ourselves, things that we don’t like.

That is something that I have learned in working with so many women in a vulnerable situation. WE ALL have insecurities, and things that we are not so thrilled about when it comes to our bodies.

Yes ladies, even the super thin supermodel looking women have them – WE ALL DO.

Opening our hearts to someone else means letting them in – and sharing those insecurities with them. Which is really fucking scary.

My clients become friends, and I go a tad mama bear when someone hurts them. When this particular beauty sent me a message with his hurtful words, it left me in tears.

A boudoir session often starts out as a gift for someone else. He will like it, he has asked me to do it, he has hinted that he would love it… Yep, I know. The guys love to see some skin – nothing wrong with that.

But what most of my clients don’t realize as they come into their session is that ultimately, it will be a gift for THEMSELVES.

And I wonder if sometimes, that gift begets other things in my clients’ lives.

It is funny what can turn the tables, what can incite the kind of confidence and power needed to say I’ve had ENOUGH.

I’ve had enough of you tearing me down.

I’ve had enough of you ignoring my feelings.

I’ve had enough of you making me feel like I don’t matter.

So many of my clients have seen this confidence after their boudoir sessions. The confidence and clarity to realize that they are important, and worth being loved. Desired.

They have gained clarity and discovered that they are POWERFUL – not because of their bodies, not because of sexy photos, but because that power was there all along.

The session was just a wake up call. This is part of the secret, the top secret information that we don’t have to tell the guys – ladies, a boudoir session with the right photographer will result in some amazing photos. But it isn’t really about photos, it’s about confidence. It’s about seeing your worth again, and knowing you are gorgeous. You aren’t what the media tells you, you aren’t what some harsh words tell you. You are valuable, and worthy of being loved. Your Denver boudoir photos should be a reminder that you are amazing, and deserve nothing but awesomeness.

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Personally, I didn’t have a boudoir session to open my eyes to the pain I was going through, and the power that I had to stop it. Other events happened in my life years ago that were catalysts to wake me out of the bad dream.

It is NEVER my wish that someone has to go through what I did, and it is my honor to hopefully be a catalyst for someone else. A catalyst for women to remember their worth. To realize their value, to be confident and know that they are powerful! Power not to hurt others, but to lift others up, starting with THEMSELVES.

Ladies – you are valuable. You are worth being cherished, and honored. You have value not because of what is between your legs, but because of what is between your ears, and your heart. Never forget this.

“You, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and respect.” – Buddha


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