Denver Boudoir Photography – Living, or Dying?

I love movies. Like, really, really love movies. In the ninth month of my pregnancy, that was pretty much what kept me sane. The movie theater right by our house is one of the fancy ones where you can have a cocktail and put your feet up in recliners. While I couldn’t have a cocktail at that point, putting my swollen ankles up and losing myself in a movie was a treat. I was so swollen, sore, and miserable, that being able to really immerse myself in another world was a lifesaver.

Every once in awhile, a line from a fabulous movie really hits me, like a ton of bricks. I have several of them, and I’ve been saving them, not really sure what to do with them, but this one seems so relevant right now, with so many women telling me that they’re waiting to do a boudoir session.

Waiting for what?

I FINALLY got to see the movie Shawshank Redemption. While I definitely liked the movie, it wasn’t amazing, like I was expecting. I think that years of people building it up kind of set it up for failure. I was expecting some amazing blockbuster movie, and it was good. Just, good.

But this quote is amazing – and face-smacking, life-altering, what-the-hell-are-you-doing-with-your-life awesome.

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If I was preaching right about now, I would shout “Can I get an amen!?” I believe so strongly in living completely, and being deliberate in how you spend your time. We have such limited time in our lives, doing what matters is so important. I have done some pretty crazy things in my life, but to me, they are completely normal. Like wrestling alligators. Or swimming with sharks. Or starting my own Denver boudoir photography business, catering to and working with women. Or skydiving. All of these things have been amazing, but they are reminders. Reminders that my time is limited, and I want to have as much fun as possible while I can. I want to live life in such a way that when I’m dying, I can be surrounded by my kiddos and family, and be proud of the crazy things I did. When I’m gone, instead of a funeral, they will throw a party with lots of inappropriate jokes, and stories of the crazy shit I did. And my kids will smile and beam, knowing that while some people thought mom was crazy, they know with 100% certainty that they were loved to the extreme.

One of my clients emailed me recently and said that she had a goal to do something that scares her – and her Denver boudoir photography session is that scary thing! It is scary. Taking your clothes off in front of anyone new is scary, especially when that person has a camera. Someone told me once, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

So my question to you is this – what are YOU doing that is outside of your comfort zone? What is something that you really want to do, but it terrifies you?

What if you did it?

Is the thought of stripping in front of a camera unbelievably scary to you? What if, you trusted that experience to someone who wants you to feel amazing, and instead of being scared the entire time, you felt exhilarated? Like you could conquer the world? What if that session made you feel empowered, and you took on other things that scared you? How could your life be different, with an extra dose of confidence?

The woman in the photo above was scared. She not only did a boudoir session, but she did hers OUTDOORS, where someone might be able to see her.

I just wanted to thank you! It was one day before my 36th bday and you posted one of my pics on Facebook. I had been feeling blah and when I saw this I was so excited and immediately was like dang I’m hot stuff! And I have to thank you for making me feel more beautiful than I ever have. You have the amazing ability to catch women’s true beauty and I was lucky enough to experience that!

It is definitely scary, to do something you have never done before, to let yourself be vulnerable. But if the only thing stopping you is fear, are you going to get busy living, or get busy dying?

What are you waiting for?

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