Boudoir Photography Denver – Why You Should HANG Your Photos!

Okay so you’re thinking about boudoir photography Denver sessions and you’re nervous. I get it. And when you finally get the lady balls to step outside of your comfort zone, you’re still saying in the back of your head, “okay I’ll DO it, but I’m just going to have a few pictures that I like and I will put them into an album and hide it in the closet.”

I know I know… it’s hard. The thought of taking your clothes off in front of someone you don’t know is scary enough, and it’s even worse to think that they will have a camera. And then to think about them actually hung up on the WALL? No way man, not gonna happen.

I really, really, really would like to encourage you to reconsider.

Hanging your boudoir photos on the wall – even if it’s just one in a spot that others won’t see – means that you will get to see yourself in a different light every single day. Whether it’s a walk in closet, a bedroom, a bathroom, or even just a bedside display, to be able to really SEE yourself in a positive light instead of beating yourself up all the time is such a powerful thing.

I just shared a live Facebook stream about being present in photos, and a study that was done on children years ago, who saw photos of themselves and their families regularly. Their self esteem went up on average about 37% because of seeing those photos regularly. I know the study was done for kids, but I find it a little hard to believe that there isn’t a benefit for adults as well.

Hanging a photo of yourself that you love isn’t vain. It’s a memory of yourself at that time in your life. Whether it’s a boudoir photo or otherwise – it is important to be reminded of yourself in a different light!

One of my amazing clients shared why she hangs her boudoir photography Denver photos in a video, several people have asked me to share this recently.

If the thought of hanging a boudoir photo of yourself on the wall is scary, consider a photo of yourself that you love. Where you look amazing. Even if your clothes are on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reminding yourself throughout the everyday monotony of life that you are an amazing human being, worth anything that you desire.

And because every article is better with a photo, I would love to share one of Ms. K’s photos – she is a rockstar, and recorded this video on her own and wanted to share with me. I know that I say it often, but I truly do work with the most amazing women in the world!

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