Best Valentine’s Day Ideas: 5 Gifts in Denver!

I have wanted to do a post like this for awhile, but with the Valentine’s rush, I feel like I get so busy that I don’t get a chance to really dive in like I want to. This year I am trying to be more deliberate, so here we go, some of the Best Valentine’s Day Ideas, with gifts in Denver!

I was going to do a his and hers kind of idea, but let’s be real for a moment: Valentine’s Day is really for women. And for all of the men out there trying to get out of it by saying “but things like this shouldn’t be done just one day a year…” Yep. You’re right. But the reality is that life takes hold and we get busy and those little things that SHOULD be done more often, aren’t.

So, show your lady you care.

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Below I will give you some ideas for WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and if you want to splurge a bit, some gift ideas! All of them are, of course, based on knowing her. So if you know the thought of sitting in silence to watch a movie isn’t her idea of a romantic date, skip it and do something that will allow some connection instead! Several of these would be amazing together, so don’t just do one, let your imagination run wild!

PS – all of these ideas are PERSONALLY chosen by me, they’re not advertisements, and the people listed below don’t even know about this article. Well I’m sure they’ll see it soon, but as I’m writing, I am recommending them just because they’re fantastic! There is no kickback or payment, they’re just seriously awesome, so you should check them out!

1. Flowers!

Yes, roses are the standard, but there are other flowers that can be just beautiful right now. Personally, I’m flower challenged. Well, I shouldn’t say that, fresh cut flowers love me, but anything with roots gives up and dies within a few days. My husband knows this, and also knows that one of the best florists in Colorado is right by my studio, and a friend – Lilli with Bella Calla. Lilli and I have worked together on several occasions, and Tom knows to call her for flowers for me. Her entire team is amazing, and can customize bouquets with different flowers, or put together some gorgeous roses! They even have the option to order online, so if you have waited, do it NOW. Ordering locally is a win for your community, and for your lovely wife or special lady – something custom that she will love.

Business Name: Bella Calla
Website: Best Colorado Florist

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2. Pampering!

I have found that most guys don’t really know or pay attention to the different services that women take advantage of when it comes to some downtime and pampering. So if they want to gift a service, they’re a little lost on what to get. Understandable! So instead of gifting a specific service, why not get her something that allows her to get what she wants? Enter: the gift card. Except this isn’t something that you’re giving her that requires her to do the work. Hi, here’s a gift card to Target, go get yourself something. Yikes. Get her a gift card that allows her to get away for a little while and focus on HER. I’m betting that is something she doesn’t do very often, am I right? I have two suggestions for this, they both offer a little bit of a different option.

First: L Style Bar – hair and makeup styling, they even offer makeup application before a night out on the town. They also do parties, how fun would it be to send your wife or girlfriend over with her best girlfriends and a couple of bottles of champagne? Liz is the owner, she is an amazing stylist and business woman, and has a super high level of service. Her team will make sure that your beautiful wife or girlfriend are taken care of and enjoy themselves!

Business Name: L Style Bar
Website: Best Denver Makeup Bar

Second: Glamour Bar – from waxing to hair to nails and lashes, Lyndsay and her team are located centrally and do AMAZING things! The salon is gorgeous and centrally located, and they offer gift cards that would be perfect for your gorgeous wife or girlfriend. They even have a custom lip gloss bar, where they can make a color specifically suited to her, that she will love, or for a specific occasion!

Business Name: Glamour Bar
Website: Best Denver Blowouts

Both of these ladies do amazing things with beauty, and would take wonderful care of your lady!

3. Sweets!

Another favorite local business… the first word that comes to mind when I think of Tiffany’s creations is YUM. Tiffany is the owner of Yours Truly Cupcake, also located downtown, and they do more than just cupcakes. They have a walk up sweets window where they have different offerings daily, or you can order custom treats. They have liquor infused cupcakes that are absolutely amazing – and I’m not a huge cake fan – or things like chocolate chip cookie sandwiches! She has even made me some custom treats for sessions, her team is amazing and can make you something that will be an amazing gift! I have worked with Tiffany on several occasions, she is crazy professional and can pretty much put words into my mouth (and treats ha!) when I know I want something but I’m not really sure what!

Business Name: Yours Truly Cupcake
Website: Dessert Catering in Denver

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It seems like I’m going total cliche for this post, so we’re going to veer off for a few…

4. Your TIME.

Seems weird, right? I work with a lot of women. A LOT of women. And I hear far too often that she wants to spend some time with you. Now again, this goes back to knowing her rather well, but if she wants some time with you and you just drop off a gift, it might result in some hurt feelings. Instead, why not pick up a gift, and schedule some time that is just for her? Away from the kids, away from responsibilities, away from the things that pull at her daily. I know that my husband doesn’t quite understand why – but quality time in front of the TV is not really quality time. Step away from the screens, and talk. I know this might seem super awkward for the guys out there, so here are five questions you can ask her to spark a conversation – that have NOTHING to do with your daily responsibilities, and they aren’t “how was your day?”

What was a moment that you laughed harder than you’ve ever laughed?
What is something that you are super excited about right now?
What is your most treasured memory?
In your ideal day where money is no object, what are five things you would like to do?
Where would you like to travel, and why?

5. An Experience.

Again, kind of an offbeat gift idea, but consider this: how much more STUFF do you really need? Even the ideas above are things that are consumable, or experiences. I’m a BIG fan of experiences. What is something that she has told you she wants to do but hasn’t? Think of the weird stuff that she will probably not get for herself. Skydiving? Swimming with the sharks at the aquarium? The planetarium? Watching the sunrise from a hotel balcony? I know I know, this takes some effort. Think back to all of the times that you said you were listening when you really weren’t… and reach into your brain and pull them out. And no, that isn’t a slam on guys, we ALL do this. Sure honey, I heard you. To get you started, here are five ideas for experiences that you can gift:

Concert tickets – who does she listen to all the time that she might like to see live?
A day at a museum or special location – museum, wine tasting, aquarium, a distillery to do some tasting, maybe a hot springs in the mountains?
Painting at a canvas and cocktails place. (The Paint Cellar is my favorite, but I realize that I live kind of far East, so if that’s too far, look near your home!)
Cooking classes
Dance lessons – yes, I know you don’t want to dance, but does she? How much would a date night of dancing mean to her?

So there you have it guys, five ideas to thrill her on Valentine’s Day. I was going to name this article Five Ways to Get Laid on Valentine’s Day, but figured that was a little presumptuous, let’s start with dinner first, right?

I left one very important gift idea off, because I really believe you need to KNOW that your wife or girlfriend wants a boudoir shoot before gifting one… but yes, boudoir.

A boudoir session is an amazing gift, and can be purchased up front so she can come into the studio, have her hair and makeup done, get some amazing photos done, and leave feeling absolutely awesome. Gift certificates are valid for glamour, boudoir, and couples boudoir sessions, and can be purchased here.

And it wouldn’t be a boudoir photography post without someone gorgeous, right? How about someone that is super sweet and amazing, with a chocolate molten lava cake from Ms. Tiffany? (above)

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Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope your day is amazing and filled with love. Not just romantic love, but love for yourself, your family, and the world around you.

Love and Adventures,



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