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ALL BODIES POOL PARTY! August 11, 2023

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Tickets Are Limited - DON'T WAIT!
August 11, 2023 6pm-8pm


Only available through June 12th: use code earlyswim to get $10 off of your ticket!

Yesssss… I’m so excited!

I have wanted to do a pool party like this for YEARS – then chaos happened in 2020, and now it’s time!

How many times have you been facing down the deadline of a pool or beach date and thinking – what the hell do I wear, what if I’m the weird looking one there and everyone else looks wonderful?

I am a larger woman, and I know that my fellow larger ladies can sometimes think that the skinny women have it ALL GOOD – no insecurities, no issues, life is perfect. From my work with women of all shapes and sizes, I know that the skinny women can sometimes have thoughts about others too – very few women are immune to thinking that something is inherently wrong with THEM, and not others.

And here’s a truth bomb that will piss some people off – our culture literally profits off of us hating ourselves and our bodies, because then we spend BILLIONS to make ourselves somehow “better”. 

Weight and body shape is only one part of this. Throw in hair – both on your head and body hair – skin tones, makeup, injections, nails, height, shape, features, and more and the opportunities for us to find something wrong with us are astounding.


This party is for ALL bodies, wearing ANY swimsuit that you want to wear, with zero fear of judgment or nasty comments.


If you’re a larger woman who has always wanted to wear a bikini but your mom told you it wasn’t flattering for you? DO IT.

If you have wicked stretch marks and you’ve always covered them up but just want to relax and not have to worry about it at the pool? DO IT.

If you have a C-section scar – or any other scars – and you’ve always felt like you can’t show them because they’re “flaws” ? DO IT

This is a party to wear your favorite pool outfit, enjoy time with your friends and other like minded women, and RELAX. It’s time to spend a few hours without the endless brain chatter that can turn into negative self talk that so many of us experience.

TICKETS ARE LIMITED – keep reading for details!

Random sidenote – when I was looking for images for this page, why is it that there are no images of larger or older women? We need to change that… We definitely need photos at the party!

Past Clients:

check your email for a special code for half off of your ticket!

Well hey there, gorgeous!

My primary mission in what I do is to be that little NUDGE in your brain that reminds you of how powerful you truly are. I want to remind you of that beautiful woman that has always been inside, but sometimes gets lost in the everyday activities. I want to help you see yourself differently, and start to move forward in a journey of self love and acceptance.

No, you don’t need to lose weight.

No, you don’t need to wait for something to be “perfect.”

You are gorgeous right now, just as you are. Let me show you!

I have been specializing in boudoir for 14 years now – yep, I’m one of the OG’s. I have worked with thousands of women to customize a boudoir experience that left them feeling amazing, and I want to work with you too.


What do you get with your ticket to the party? I’m so glad you asked!


  • 3 hours of relaxing with like-minded women with zero judgment
  • Unlimited frozen mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Hors d’oeuvres and snacks
  • A special session offer only available to attendees
  • An amazing atmosphere with swimming, laughing, and fun!

What is the cost?

Each ticket to the pool party is $40 with a catch – EVERY attendee will receive $10 back in cash when they check in for the event, making each ticket only $30.

Past clients have a special offer (check your email) to attend for only $20, and still get the $10 back in cash – making your ticket only $10!

If you use the Early Bird code you’ll get $10 off AND $10 back.

Every ticketed attendee will get $10 back upon checkin.


WHY do I do it this way?

To be blunt – it seems to be happening more often that people SAY they want to come, and then they don’t show up. I want to make sure that if someone says they’re coming, that they’re coming. Usually when people have invested in an event, they’re more likely to come. This is NOT a money making event, but a chance to celebrate! To celebrate the summer, being a woman, each other, and just having a good time.

ALL the Details!

Here’s the deal:

Each ticket is $40 – and they are LIMITED. When you arrive and check in at the party, you will receive a $10 cash refund, making the ticket cost $30. Past clients will receive a special offer to get their tickets for $20, and STILL get the $10 back, making their tickets only $10.

Can’t Come?

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


The location will be sent to attendees before the party, the pool is centrally located.


There are 40 tickets available – so DON’T WAIT!

Why isn’t alcohol being served?

Because alcohol can cause chaos, and we’ve all seen it. We will have mocktails including frozen drinks for a party vibe, but without alcohol.

Can I bring my partner?

This event is only for the ladies, sorry guys.

Can I bring my daughter?

Girls 12 and over are welcome.

Are there any other rules I should know about?

This is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. There will be zero mean girl vibes here, and any rude comments will result in immediate ejection. ZERO TOLERANCE.

PAST CLIENTS: check your email for your 50% discount offer!

Got questions?

To be blunt – so many people say they want to come, and then they don’t show up. I want to make sure that if someone says they’re coming, that they’re coming. Usually when people have invested in an event, they’re more likely to come. This is NOT a money making event, but a chance to celebrate! To celebrate the summer, being a woman, each other, and just having a good time.

All tickets are non-refundable BUT – you can bring another friend in her place, just email me the names for the switch.

The address will be sent to all attendees the week of the party. Please make sure to use your accurate email address.

I am so blessed to work with the most amazing people on the planet – and I don’t say that lightly. That includes my male clients too! BUT – I think we can all agree that our culture tends to treat women very differently than men, and for that reason, we are going to celebrate the ladies at this party. I am looking at a future event that will include men too, but this one is just for the ladies.

NOPE. You can show up in jammies, for all I care. BUT – this is an opportunity to wear the suit that you might feel reluctant to wear elsewhere because of other people’s judgments. This is a chance to show up as yourself, and enjoy.

Breasts & genitals must be covered. I know I know… one day I will do a topless party, but for our first party, we are going to play it safe and stick to what works at other pools & locations.

Don’t forget to get one for your friends too!

Past Clients: check your email for your 50% discount

Still on the fence?

This section is technically for sessions – but you know what, I’m leaving it here. Because THIS is the kind of environment that we will be fostering, and these are the amazing people that I work with!

If you want to read more about the women I’ve worked with in THEIR words, click here to read reviews.

Please note – the images on this page are stock images, I did not photograph them. I haven’t done a pool boudoir session yet, so if you want one in YOUR pool, let’s chat, I would love to, water is my happy place!