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Maternity Boudoir

Intimate boudoir photography. Expecting mothers. Denver maternity photography.

No matter what you call it, this is a crazy exciting time for mothers-to-be!

I have had two children, I understand the nerves. The excitement. The overwhelming joy. The terrifying and awesome possibilities.

Maternity boudoir is for any woman who wants to capture this amazing time in her life. When you’re in the thick of it, it seems like it lasts forever – but nine months in the span of our lifetimes is really such a short time. Nine short months to feel the little flutter of the first kicks, see your tummy move, think about names for this new little life that will be joining the world soon.

GAH this brings me to tears just thinking about it!

Yes, there are hard things about pregnancy too. Swollen feet. Morning sickness – which let’s be real, it should be called all day sickness. Doctor’s appointments with uncomfortable positions and instruments. The stress of thinking about everything you still have to DO.

It is a time in your life filled with all sorts of emotions, and it can definitely be overwhelming.

A maternity boudoir session is a day for you to relax. Be pampered. Enjoy some time to yourself before you have a little life clinging onto you every minute of the day. Time to be reminded that while you’re going to be a mother, you’re also a woman. An individual that is important and worth spoiling.

Whether you have several kids and this is your last, or this is the first time you’ve ever been able to experience the myriad of emotions, a maternity boudoir session is a perfect session to show off that maternal glow. Yep – cliche and cheesy, but true!

Your partner is welcome to join us for a portion of your maternity boudoir session, those are definitely some of the favorite photos!

I didn’t get maternity photos done, and I really regret it, I wish that I had. Life was just too busy, and I let it slide to the back burner. Being pregnant is such an amazing time!

Contact me to book your maternity boudoir session, I can’t wait to work with you!

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