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Before and Afters – Boudoir Photoshoot2017-12-19T15:06:35+00:00
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Boudoir Photoshoot – Before and After Photos

I hear all the time “I’m not a model, I can’t do those photos!” As a Boudoir photographer that specializes in boudoir photoshoots, I work with everyday women who are wives, mothers, and grandmothers and more. EVERY woman is beautiful, and a boudoir or glamour session can help you feel like you can conquer the world! Some of the before photos were shared by my clients, some are phone snapshots, others are everyday shots. ALL are shared with permission. My clients that share are so proud of their photos, some of them even send me photos with no makeup on, so that I can highlight their before and after photos from their boudoir photoshoot!

When you come in for Denver boudoir photos, the transformation is part of what makes you feel so amazing. We look at ourselves in the mirror when we’ve just woken up, and pick ourselves apart! One of our core values in my Denver boudoir studio is showing you the best version of yourself. Are you always going to look like you do in the photos? Of course not. Do you think that celebrities always look the way they do on magazine covers? Of course not.

Seeing yourself as beautiful in your photos is a reminder that you are gorgeous, even on those days when you feel horrible about yourself. Your boudoir photoshoot isn’t going to change who you ARE, but it will remind you that you are amazing. Even when you are in your comfy pants and haven’t showered and you’re cleaning up the recent family messes, you are still beautiful, all the time, right now, this very moment.

Denver boudoir photography is not about sex – it is about confidence and accepting yourself as you are. Loving yourself despite your perceived flaws. Learning to be kinder to yourself, because damnit, you are beautiful – even if you’re currently working in a not so great place. The before and after photos from a boudoir photoshoot show the transformation for my clients, and should be a reminder that even on a bad day – you are still beautiful.