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Bridal Boudoir

So you’re getting married? Congratulations!!

What an exciting time in your life! Bridal boudoir is an amazing groom’s gift, but even more, an awesome gift for you to look back and remember this special time in your life. As Denver’s top bridal boudoir photographer, I have worked with hundreds of brides to take some time before their wedding to relax and commemorate this awesome occasion in a way that is unique and fun!

Are you stressed yet? I know that planning a wedding can be super stressful – we planned and paid for our wedding ourselves, and every little detail matters! A sexy gift for your groom tends to be one of the last things you’ll think about, but bridal boudoir photos take time, so don’t let it go until the last minute!

Bridal boudoir sessions are NOT necessarily only bridal photos! The gallery above is a collection of bridal boudoir photos from years and years of experience, however the best boudoir session is a session that shows off a little of everything. I work with my Denver bridal boudoir clients to perfect their session based on what they’re looking for – whether that’s several bridal or wedding themed props, or just a couple of veil shots.

Your bridal boudoir session may START as a sexy wedding gift for your groom, but I promise by the time you’re done, you will be thrilled with the photos and realize that it is really a gift for you as well! What groom wouldn’t want sexy photos of the amazing woman he is about to commit his life to?

Take advantage of this time in your life. Gather your maid of honor or bridesmaids and bring someone with you. Have a glass of champagne to celebrate, and plan a unique bridal photo experience. It will be a TON of fun, we will laugh and joke and you will remember it for a lifetime!

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