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About Brooke Summer

Hey there, I'm Brooke! I'm an international award-winning boudoir & women's photographer based in Colorado, shooting worldwide. I specialize in women and couples, reminding people of connections. Whether that connection is with your Love, or that hot chick inside that used to dance on tables in college - my shoots are fun and relaxed, and I love to laugh. My Denver boudoir photography studio has hosted thousands of women, focusing on bringing out the sexy confidence that gets buried under everyday stuff! Boudoir photos aren't just for supermodels! I love to teach and am very active on social media, please email me at brooke@brookesummer.com to get in touch!   Additional Information:   Brooke Summer Photography offers Denver boudoir photography, Colorado wedding photography, and worldwide destination photography. Brooke Summer Photography captures real moments, unique portraits, and focuses on helping women to feel gorgeous. Brooke's expertise not only results in gorgeous, sexy and classy boudoir, but provides a client experience that is unique and hands on. My clients' privacy is a top priority for intimate portraits. Any and all boudoir images that are posted have been shared by the subject with written permission. I am honored that my clients choose to share their images with the world, and talk about their experiences with those images.

Holiday Deadlines 2017 – Parker Boudoir Photography

Holiday Deadlines 2017 - Parker Boudoir Photography Every year I share this image in this post, and I'm going to do it again this year. Because to me, it never gets old and is hilarious. It's like seeing a photo of myself and my husband, and if you know me or have spent time with me or either of us, you can guess who is who. Here we are! September is almost over. The nudes [...]

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Female Boudoir Denver – Why Are We Trying?

Female Boudoir Denver - Why Are We Trying? I have been thinking more and more about this subject for quite awhile. As a specialist in female boudoir Denver photography, I have worked with SO MANY WOMEN from all different backgrounds. Different shapes, sizes, ages, skin colors, body types, and every other characteristic you can possibly think of. With ALL of these women, there is one running theme over and over and over again: they have [...]

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Colorado Boudoir Studio – Looks I Love – NUDE!

Colorado Boudoir Studio - Looks I Love - NUDE! So this will be a little racy. And controversial. Because technically I started the whole Looks I Love series to show off lingerie that I find randomly that I really like. But quite frankly, my favorite images lately that I have been working with in my Colorado boudoir studio have been in the buff. Nude. Bare. Naked. In your birthday suit. Whatever you want to call [...]

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Boudoir Colorado – Featuring the Gorgeous Mrs. K!

Boudoir Colorado - Featuring the Gorgeous Mrs. K! I am SO excited to share today's feature with you! This feature is a little different, as Mrs. K didn't want to share ALL of her photos. Which is always an option! I want you to feel 100% comfortable in any of the photos you share from your boudoir Colorado session with me - even if that is NONE. In the beautiful Mrs. K's case, she wanted [...]

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Colorado Boudoir Photography – A Very Special Giveaway!

Colorado Boudoir Photography - A Very Special Giveaway! I have gone back and forth on this, whether I should do it or not. And really, there are very few things that I do because I SHOULD do them. I'm kind of a weirdo like that. But when it comes to my Colorado boudoir photography, my clients, the connection I have with them, and the community are one of the things that I love the most [...]

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