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Brooke's Loves
& Weaknesses!

First and foremost, I have a passion for women. My photography is for every woman that has ever looked in the mirror and thought she wasn't good enough. Or pretty enough. Or _____ enough - insert your own adjective. The reality is, you ARE whatever enough. You're pretty enough. Skinny enough. Good enough. You are BEAUTIFUL, and I want to show you that.

My passion and work is focused on showing women how gorgeous they really are. This can take lots of different forms - you looking beautiful on your wedding day, a hot photo session before your big day, a mother/daughter session to commemorate a special occasion, moving from a child to an adult with graduation - there are LOTS of different times to celebrate your beauty! When it comes right down to it, I'm a SAP. A sarcastic sap with a really dry sense of humor. A fun sap. The kind of sap that will get down with you on the dance floor and show off my mean chicken dance skills, but a sap nonetheless. I'm the photographer that will sit next to you, while you view your photos, and cry with you because you never saw yourself in this light, and never saw yourself as the beautiful woman you see on the screen. I will laugh with you when embarrassing things happen - because they happen to everyone. I will get all misty eyed with you when you see the photos of yourself with your children, and realize how much they have grown in the short amount of time since the session. I'm emotional, and passionate, and I love what I do.

So why am I the photographer for you? Because you want someone that cares THAT much. If you're going to hire someone to make you look awesome, you want someone that cares enough to make sure that you DO look awesome! You want someone that wants to have fun with your day as much as you do, and someone that has your back. Someone that will make you feel comfortable, even as you are in really uncomfortable positions or outfits.

I'm passionate about what I do. I will get excited with you about the details, and squeal and laugh and cry with you. I will catch it with my camera so that you can relive it. I want to SHOW you how beautiful you really are. Clothes on, clothes off, with friends, for special occasions - or just as a gift to yourself - I want to show you that you are more beautiful than any supermodel, because you are YOU.